Thursday, 13 October 2011

What are my Options.

Yeah its getting to be late at night again a im on this ruddy blog again, i guess im just thinking its just another thing on my list of lists that now i wont have to do tomorrow!

so anyways... I got my all the options i wanted at Uni Bonus I have a work placement at Peruna BUYING could not be happier well i would be happier if i worked out how to use twitter why is it so confusing. Oh yeah follow me @littlemisswatso.

My Options: Fashion Buying, Work Placement, Design for events & Bespoke accessories.

Fashion buying- this will be learning about the roll of a fashion buyer an putting it in to practice with i a roll play business, aim is to make a range that we as a group could sell winter 2012.

Work placement- at the moment i know little about this as ovs ive not been yet and they don't really give you a outline but i know im going to peruna to work as a buyers admin assistant (i guess?!) with there dresses an skirts department.

Design for Events- I have No Project Brief as of yet but i know they normally bace it on the MAD com that runs every year but this year as this year there getting ready for the 2012 OLYMPICS , so we can  let them off!

Bespoke accessories- what it says on the tin design & make bespoke accessories!!

so theres my options guys any comments would love to here :)

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